Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Support Your Humane Society

Confession: I look at the Ottawa Humane Society's website every. single. day.

Even though I have my hands full with Samuel, Lewis, and of course my Jersey-girl, I look at the adoptions page every day.

Yesterday I saw this blog post about a golden retriever named Twizzler who suffered from entropia, a condition where the dog’s eyelashes are inverted inwards.

Dosn't it break your heart?
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Dosn't Twizzler bare a striking resemblance to Jersey? It really could be the same dog!

Anyways, I encourage you to go read the post about Twizzler. Good news is, she's on the road to a healthy recovery and has a long happy dog life ahead of her.

Both Samuel aka Black Swan and Lewis are from the Humane Society and are both the quirkiest, but loving cats ever. I often think that shelter animals are the greatest because they're just happy to have a second chance, you know?

Lewis was hit by a car before we adopted him, and has no hip joint. As a result, we was supposed to limp forever. I really think that he was faking the limp to get attention, because it only lasted a few months. He's now a healthy, pleasantly plump, gorgeous boy that wakes me up every morning with nose kisses.

Sam is allergic to "something" but the vets cannot quite pin point what exactly it is. Whenever he's having a reaction his face and paws get all puffy and looks kind of similar to this. To control his outbreaks, he receives steroid shots and gets prednisone pills. He's becoming border-line diabetic as a result. You know how most cats come running when they hear the treats being shook? Sam comes running when he hears the water turn on. Freak.

Jersey isn't from the Humane Society, but she was a rescue of sorts. We'll never know the entire story about her "youth" but I suspect there was some abuse as she's a very timid, nervous nelly type of dog. But with a lot of love and patience, she's grown up to be the best dog anyone could ask for.

The point of this post? My animals aren't perfect, but they are perfect in my eyes. They fill my heart with love, and make me smile each and every day.

If you're looking to add a furry member to your family, start your search at the shelter... ok? :)


Lynn @ The Style Diaries said...

Awww poor Twizzler. He does look very much like Jersey.

I want to adopt a dog, we just need to find the time to get ready for one.

Natasha said...

Love this post Amy! I'm an animal lover too and all but one of my 6 are rescues!! BEST.FURBABIES.EVER.

Poor Twizzler!! Happy humans are helping him recover and hope he finds a fabulous forever home soon!

tixeertne said...

Wonderful post, it's great to be reminded now and again that there are others in this community who I share 'confession' with. It was great hearing about your animals; it is so clear that you love them like only a rescue mom can. Who is it that said "you love the ones who need you most"?

I'd like to add that if anyone out there is looking for the most fun and rewarding volunteer job ever, they should consider fostering for the OHS. Taking care of sick and injured animals in your own home is a great way to get involved on your own time, and have pets in your lives when you may not be able to commit to a 'forever' animal.

Thanks again.

Angie All The Way said...

Both my fur babies are rescues (as you know) and well, Lucy has her "issues" (as you know) but how can you not love her? Even if she made my first 4 months of being a new mom 100000 times harder than it had to be - I love her to pieces. Like HOW could anyone abandon a PUPPY in the cold winter at Christmas???

Blossom said...

Since I have moved I have been comtemplating getting a dog (would love a cat but I am just too allergic). I have been constantly looking at the Cambridge, Kitchener and Guelph humane socities (my area). I am sure I will do it, I just want to be ready for a dog (I have never been responsible for one before). It's a great way to gain a family member!

Laura said...

If I had the time/space, I would have an army of rescues...
but I have to be realistic with my time... Any one who abandons/abuses etc an animal should have the same done to them.

Carol said...

The things we do for our fur-children...mine aren't rescues, but I also know myself well enough that I can't look at those websites. In fact, my mantra is "I live in a 1-bedroom with 2 cats" repeating as many times as necessary! I would have a hundred, and would happily be the crazy cat lady down the street.
My George is a diabetic, so twice a day we get a needle. He is so good about it now, I don't even think he knows what's going on. And mornings wouldn't be the same without a wet nose and a loud purr to wake me up.
Oh, and as for water, it's either the bathroom sink or the bathtub, but he'll let you know at the time which one tastes better. I don't even think that's weird!

Born to Run said...

I couldn't read the whole post (had to skim it) because animal pain in any form shreds me.

Love your blog so hard, though, especially now with your pro-animal rescue post. I always enjoy seeing your fur babies.

Kudos, girlie!

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