Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Cake balls and other dirt

You know when you're angry sometimes they say you should sleep on it before reacting? Well last night I was angry and I woke up angry again today.

More on that later.

First I'll enlighten you with some delicious treats that I made over the weekend; totally from my pantry!

Cake Balls!

Balls... hehe

I used the recipe over at Bakerella and had amazing results.

Onto the dirt. Those of you who have been reading for a while know that I take my baseball pretty seriously.
You also know that I moved away last summer for work.

Baseball season is just around the corner, and I found out I wasn't being asked back to play on my team.

It's very hard to find a team to play on in Ottawa, so last night I rejoined Facebook to pimp out my baseball skills - social networking at its best!

I wrote something like "I rejoined Facebook to pimp my mad baseball skills. I got kicked off my team"

Confession: I knew it would get a rise out of some of the players on my team, and that it did. I promptly removed all the comments from my wall and composed a level headed message explaining my feelings.

Apparently I got kicked off because I didn't attend any social gatherings when I returned from my "work assignment", therefore they assumed I wasn't interested.(Yep, she put it in quotations. My biggest pet peeve ever. My work assignment actually happened you dumbass... but I digress) Note: I also played a few games when I came back.

There's a lot of other issues that I'm leaving out, but I'm friggin' mad.

My blood pressure was pretty much through the roof. And still is 24 hours later. But I've chosen to take the high road, not reply to her ridiculous message, move on, and find another team.

Side note: A lot can happen in the world on 10 month Facebook hiatus. People got engaged, got married, people got divorced, people had babies... and I had no idea!

Side note #2: I don't think I missed Facebook.


Krista said...

That sucks about b-ball! Always good to sleep on things and glad you deleted her comments instead of playing into them!

Seeing that I'm only a lurker in blogland now I have to confess that I was just a wee bit excited to see you on FB :)

Lynn's Life said...

Well it's totally THEIR loss to not have you on the team. Good luck finding a new one! :)

I left FB at the beginning of December and just re-joined a couple of weeks ago. I didn't miss it either.

PS. I am hungry and those cake balls look delish!

Natasha said...

I've been wanting to try making cakeballs. I recieved the bakerealla cookbook for xmas. Must make a priority!!

Sorry to hear about baseball. People suck ;) Fingers crossed you find a new and even better team to play on. ASAP!

Sarah said...

Sorry to hear about your baseball team, their loss!!

Side note: Krista I miss you!

Kara said...

Mmmm....balls. :)

Facebook drama blows! I do enjoy reading other people FB drama though, especially on Failbook or Lamebook :P

Healthy Jen said...

There's nothing better than the balls!! Especially chocolate ones.

Laura said...

Sorry about your softball woes and the FB drama. People can be so high school!

Have you considered joining Ottawa Sports and Social Club (OSSC)? I have heard good things about it and they have a softball league.

I hope you get to play!

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