Monday, March 21, 2011

The Jeans

Hi friends.

My weekend was spent de-cluttering, getting the house ready to go back on the market. Eeek!

I’m quite pleased with the results, especially since its part of my Lenten resolution.

If you remember, here’s what the closet under the stairs looked like before.


And here’s what it looks like now:


If you were a prospective buyer would you open it up and say “Wow, what a huge closet! I could envision all of my junk it there, but clearly the owner of this house is sooooo neat and tidy!”??

I found this old picture circa 2004. My Dad and I on Thanksgiving. Excuse the poor quality, I took a picture of a picture.


Nice apron Dad!

Anyways, I was slightly depressed when I saw how little I was.

Ironically, I was detoxing my closet (managed to get rid of 2 bags of clothes for donation!) and stumbled upon those very jeans.


I tried them up, and while I can get them done up.. the muffin top is ridiculous. I’ll spare you the pictures of that. It’s NOT pretty.

I’ve never hidden the fact that I’ve gained weight on the blog. But this was a bit of a reality check.

What I find odd, is WHERE I’ve gained the weight back. For the most part it’s in my thighs, a little bit in my arms, but the rest is ALL in my stomach.

I actually still have that green top. I tried it on, and it still pretty much fits, except for the noticeable tightness over my stomach.

I’m not sure if I’ll ever get back into those jeans. Looking back, I was really not a healthy person. I was totally and completely infatuated with losing weight. After I finished university I moved back home with my parents to small-town Ontario. None of my friends were around, so I would spend hours at the gym. During the day I would eat pretty much just salad and chicken. I had no entertainment, so I made what I thought was “healthy living” a priority.

I guess despite being a littler porkier, I am healthier now.

The scale is on it’s way back down, so who knows… maybe I will get back into those jeans someday?

Question: Do you have a piece of clothing you’re hanging on to?


Missy said...

Those experiences can be so frustrating... but being healthy is SOOOO much more important than being thin.

I have a ton of "skinny" clothes in my closet. Lots of pants... I'm hoping to be back into most of them by the summer.

JavaChick said...

Sadly I have a whole steamer trunk full of skinny clothes. I'm living in denial, obviously.

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