Monday, May 16, 2011

Art-is-in Cookies

I love the show The Best Thing I Ever Ate, and I think I discovered one of the best things I’ve ever ate this weekend.

Meet the chewy chocolate cookie from Art-is-in Bakery.


I met my dear friend (and fellow food lover) Crystallina for Body Combat on Saturday morning.

Last Saturday after class, I introduced Crys to my new found love: A Grande, Non-Fat, No Whip, Coconut Mocha from Starbucks.


She raved about the Art-is-in cookies, so this week we made a date to sweat, drink coco-mochas and eat cookies! BLISS!

The gym was disgustingly hot. At one point, I’m pretty sure I got a mouthful of sweat courtesy of the girl standing beside me. When we were on the floor doing abs, I had my feet up the in the air and noticed that even my CALVES were sweating. Gross.

I would have done that class 10 times in a row, if it meant I could have delicious cookies afterwards!

The description from their website says it perfectly:

There’s no question, Kevin is passionate about bread but he also happens to be obsessed with sweets. Our "Killer Cookies" combine all the best elements of grandma’s homemade treats – wholesome ingredients, lovingly made by hand – with the decadent twist that comes from the kitchen of a classically trained pastry chef. These cookies are unforgettable.

They are indeed unforgettable. They are slightly crispy on the outside and gooey on the inside. The walnuts add a perfect crunch.

Look at them! Beautiful.


Yes, I just called a cookie beautiful.


So. effing. delicious.

For any Ottawa readers, I got my cookies at La Bottega, but if you click here you can see where else they are available.

Crys, while I thank you for introducing me to these AMAZING cookies… I’m not sure my waistline does. I’m pretty sure we don’t want to know the calorie content of these cookies. Let’s make a deal: Cookies only after workouts, mmm-kay?

I wonder if there is a support group for cookie addicts?


Momma Hunt said...

Ok so I never knew that a coconut mocha exsisted. I have a small obsession with peppermint mochas so this might not be a good thing for me to know. I might need to get one this weekend

Crys :D said...

at 3:30 today i searched my office for something to eat. all i have are lara bars and dulse. what i would give for an art-is-in cookie right now would shock and appall you. maybe we could try making them lower-fat?

rusty61 said...

You're making me crazy! I had those cookies once at the Lansdowne Farmer's Market and had successfully blocked them from inhabiting my dreams....they're coming back to me now!

And I love coconut and had no idea there was such a thing as a coconut mocha. Will have to check that out soon.

Jaime said...


thefitacademic said...

Wow - those look they're still doughy in the middle!

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