Friday, June 24, 2011

Happy St Jean Baptiste

I’m off today! Why?

It’s St Jean Baptiste Day in Quebec.

I get a lot of questions regarding where I live. Some times I call it Ottawa, sometimes I say Gatineau. If you’re a geography buff you know that Ottawa and Gatineau are in two different provinces.

I live in Gatineau, QC. I have Quebec licence plates.

And for the first time in my career I’m working in Gatineau, QC and that is why I get today off. You must WORK in Quebec to get today off, and up until now I have always worked in Ottawa.

I work for the Federal Gov’t which has developed the acronym “NCR” for National Capital Region which encompasses both Ottawa AND Gatineau.

The cool thing? It’s Ottawa-Gatineau is divided by a river. You literally need to cross a bridge to “get to the other side”.

Problem is? Not so many bridges which results in A LOT of traffic. Like the worst traffic EVER.

There are 5 bridges

1) McDonald Cartier – the one I use most often

2) The Alexandra Bridge – this bridge I call the “Kaching-kaching” bridge because it makes that noise when you drive across it

3) The Portage Bridge – one of the most scenic views of Ottawa

4) Chaudière Bridge – To many locals this bridge is called EB Eddy.

5) The Champlain Bridge – This bridge crosses out of the downtown core into Alymer. It also is the most scariest bridge to drive on, I think. It’s also 1.1km long!


So there’s your little geography lesson for the day.

Oh, and as of July 5th? I’ll be living in Ontario again. I can hardly wait (read: PAIN IN THE ASS) to change all my cards back to Ontario. While I have no regrets in moving to Quebec, I’ll be happy to get back to the Ontario side!

Happy St. Jean Baptiste!


Sarah said...

Wow, I never knew there was so many bridges that way. Interesting and very beautiful.

Laura said...

Many of my colleagues work in is nice and quiet here today.
Enjoy your long weekend!

On va au Québec said...

Hi Amy! I've reached your blog searching for Gatineau pictures on google. We're moving there soon... BTW, congrats for your weight loss, you look amazing now!
I started by this post but have hooked up with your blog, have read it almost all!
regards from Cuba!

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