Sunday, June 12, 2011

Kickin’ it old school

The quest to find my Garmin continues.

I managed to find my old Garmin 201, that somehow managed to still have a charge.


I’m pretty sure I thought it was broken, or at least that was the excuse I used to buy a new one.

I ran 7.58k in just over 50 mins. I ran it a little faster than the traditional 2:30 LSD pace, but I was feeling good so I just kept on truckin’.

When I got home, I enjoyed breakfast on the patio. An iced coffee, yogurt, blueberries and a few slices of dried mango.

PSA: If you haven’t tried dried mango, do it NOW. I bought mine at Costco.


While sitting on the patio I heard the screen door open.


Followed by a very sneaky black cat in stealth mode.


Who was followed by his grey, less stealthy brother. I swear, that cat can smell food from a smile away.         IMG_7235                 And then there came their ginger sister, who is still embarrassed about her shitty hair cut. She just chose to lounge in the grass.IMG_7253    

I called the groomer in rip her a new one… turns out her sister died and she had to fly out to Vancouver on very short notice. She apologized over and over again as I was not the first person to call and complain about the poor service received while she was away.

I’m off to a family BBQ. Enjoy your Sunday!


Laura said...

That is one big Garmin.
...well I guess all garmins are big...
Our eldest cat keeps trying to escape out the front door except he isn't silent at all. He 'meows and runs at the same time' thus giving it all away. The hubs says he is saying: I'm free! I'm free!

Kara said...

One of the women in my running group has that Garmin and we all laugh at it (in a nice way). It takes up like half her forearm because she's so little and that makes it even funnier.

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