Tuesday, June 14, 2011

What Not to Wear: The Sports Bra Edition

I’ve been noticing that a lot of my sports bras are getting a little rank of late. You know, the “one piece of clothing can only wick away so much sweat before it starts absorbing it” stench? That’s pretty much every piece of workout I own right now. It’s time to start investing in some new pieces.

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you’re aware that I am a Costco-whore.

I was shopping there on the weekend and saw these bras.

I have a couple of Champion brand bras that are decent, and the price was great! 2 for $23.99.


I grabbed a size “L” which is meant for 34D-36C-38BC.

Now that I type that out, I have no idea what the hell kind of sizing that is!

And I think I just wrote my bra size on the internet. Ooops.


The material is super soft and stretchy.


And I really liked the racer back.


The fit was great.

But the support? Non-existent.

I always wear 2 sports bras, because I like to be secure.

Secure = not moving/uniboob supremo.

Even wearing both of these bras at once, I was still a jiggle-saurus-rex.

I’ll likely just wear these bras over my beloved Shock Absorbers, or around the house. They’re not made for chesty lassies, that’s for sure.

I think I might just have to bite the bullet and shell out the cash for more Shock Absorbers. I only have 2 of them, but they have lasted since November 9, 2008 which is pretty impressive. They’re not quite as supportive as they once were, but still do the trick.

What’s your favorite sports bra? Do you hate the jiggle? Do you wear two?

Come on… tell me about your tatas!


Lynn's Life said...

I bought those same bras from Costco this past fall(got the XL, I think) and they were waaaaay too big and ended up actually rolling up as I was working out. NOT cool.

I've been using cheapo Fruit of the Loom ones from Walmart, I have a small chest and find they provide adequate support.

Laura said...

I'm Chesty LaRue so I need the good bras...
If you get the Shock Absorbers, check at the Bay..they often go on sale.
I bought 2 from Moving Comfort and I LOVE them. I bought them at MEC but SportingLife.ca has some on sale so I am getting another one.

WonderWoman said...

I am a Moving Comfort girl too - just got a new one at Dick's in Watertown last month. My old MC was more of a uniboob situation, but I loved it. My new one is actually cute enough to wear under actual clothes, my girls look awesome. It was only $46.

Shirls said...

my fave was the zip me up before you go go @ lulu but of course they don't sell it anymore. For me a sports bra has to have a fastening device, anything I can pull over my head doesn't work for me. I have been buying the shock absorbers at the Bay, pricey but they keep things where they should be... the saying "no pain, no gain" does not apply to boobs in my opinion

Momma Hunt said...

Lane Bryant has new sports bras that I hae heard good things about. I may need to invest in some for the summer. I just currently wear my supportive bras. Last summer I was nursing so sports bras were a non option

Espressomama said...

Thanks for the warning. I've had that package in my hand several times and kept putting it back.

Kara said...

I actually have those bras and they work well for me, but I'm the mayor of Itty Bitty Titty-ville.

If you want good support, get a moving comfort sports bra. It's what I used when I ballooned up to a 34DD while nursing.

ActiveEggplant said...

Ugh - the sports bra conundrum. I used to be a 2-bra wearer. I'd have great uniboob support but actually chafed a lot around my rib cage - like to the point of bleeding. Now I wear Enell bras - they're absolutely hideous but they work wonders! I've heard lots of good things about Moving Comfort bras though...and they seem to be a bit less grandma-ish so I just might check them out.

Sarah said...

I am like Lynn and buy the Fruit of the loom. I find that they are enough support from. Most of my sports tops I wear have the built in bra so with that and a sports bra it is enough support.

Nicole C. said...

I am VERY picky about sports bras. I had breast reduction surgery on 8/30/10 and went from a 38 L to a current 36 D so the wrong bra causes all kinds of problems. I really like these- http://www.target.com/C9-Champion-High-Impact-Sports-Bra/dp/B003SZ63QO/ref=br_1_26?ie=UTF8&id=C9%20Champion%20High-Impact%20Sports%20Bra&node=2241716011&searchSize=30&searchView=grid3&searchPage=1&sr=1-26&qid=1308065773&rh=&searchBinNameList=target_com_primary_color-bin%2Ctarget_com_size-bin%2Cprice%2Ctarget_com_brand-bin&searchRank=salesrank&frombrowse=1

Wow, that's some link. I've heard great things about Shock Absorbers, but dang they are pricey! BareNecessities.com puts them on clearance every now and then.

Teresa said...

I just bought those too! So disappointing.

Nicole said...

I used to bitch and complain about the size of my chest, wearing two sports bras, until I found Anita Active. This bra has made cardio fun and running possible! I found it at a local boutique in Alberta, and cringed at the price, but I have not had the slightest sliver of regret since purchasing it. I also like the Tata Tamer from lululemon. Both pricey, but SOOO worth it. Thanks for this post Amy. I love your blog!

Heather said...

I'm a 36 DD and usually buy cheaper sports bras in a size 34 C to keep everything strapped nice and tight.

Think as I am qickly approaching 30 and going to be having kids soon that I need to invest in my chest and get a better quality product.

Nanookie said...

I'm a 32E and buy a Freya bra out at BraChic in Westboro. It's an encapsulating style and it comes in a usual bra design. They're supposed to get racerbacks in in the fall. It's not cheap at $100, but the one

I have from 2 years ago is still going strong and it doesn't smell rank or stretch, either.

Born to Run said...

Enell sports bras are my absolute favourite! They last for years, and years, and years (no lie!). The support is incredible -- ain't nothing moving -- and no loss of support ever. Well worth the money, I promise!

Tiffa said...

Some bras at lululemon have amazing support! The type that worked for me they don't make anymore though :( but I see a new one on their website that looks similar!

Crys :D said...

the Ta Ta Tamers at Lululemon have saved my life. literally.

Cathy Anderson said...

This is a great playtex underwire
bra with support. It is comfortable and the price is right. You will be pleased with this bra.

kate lewis said...

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