Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Jersey becomes an Ottawa resident

Jersey pulled an all-nighter studying for her citizenship exam… ok, not really.

But today was a very important day in her life.

She became an official Ottawa resident.IMG-20110719-00351

We celebrated in fine-doggie-fashion, a trip to David Barlett Park.

First a swim in the creek. I love taking swimming here because the water is fresh/moving so she doesn’t end up smelling like a sewer rat afterwards.


Then it was time to dry off. Some frolicking in the field.


Then it was some for some stick massacre. Definitely one of her favourite past-times. She made that stick her bitch.


Followed by a little sun-tanning and a little model-work.


It’s tough being Jersey. She has a horrible, terrible life.

I read Cathy’s blog post earlier, and had to smile. Don’t worry Cat, you’re not that only one who is obsessed with your dog’s behaviour. I just wrote an entire dog post about Jersey becoming an Ontario resident, clearly I need help too.

Crash update: My shoulder is feeling a little bit better, but I ended up rolling onto it when I was sleeping and woke up in horrible pain. Anti-inflammatories are my new BFF. I took the bandages off my scrapes to give them some air, and they are looking pretty disgusting.


Sarah said...

Jersey is just so cute!!!

cathysbestyearofherlife said...

Jersey looks human in the last photo! I'm sooo jealous of your park access!

Roz @ weightingfor50 said...

I "awww'd" out loud at the photos. Jersey is BEAUTIFUL!!!!! Congratulations to him on being an official Ottawa resident Jersey! "Jersey, Don't leave any presents on Parliament Hill! :)"

rusty61 said...

Welcome to Ottawa, Jersey! And Amy, I hope your shoulder and scrapes are better soon.

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