Monday, September 26, 2011


I booked today off as I needed a day to accomplish many tasks.

The day started out with a walk with this grumpy face.


Apparently. she was not ready to get out of bed.


So I thought I would bribe her with a treat to make her smile.

And then someone was on to me.

IMG_7633 IMG_7634

Jersey sat like a good girl and watched with terror in her eyes while her feline brother tried to eat her treat.

IMG_7635 IMG_7636 IMG_7637 IMG_7638 IMG_7639

Samuel Black Swan strikes again!

IMG_7640 IMG_7641 

I finally gave it to her, and all was well in Jersey-land again.

She is friggin’ cute, isn’t she?


After the walk in the park. I treated myself to a pedicure, eyebrow wax and a sugar-free americano misto. Every great day must start with that!

Love my pedi!


Following that, I hit up the mall to make some purchases that I’ve been avoiding.

A year’s supply of CO Bigelow lip gloss in Plum Mint. I wear this every. single. day. LOVE IT!


I will never say no to a 50% off sale.


Especially when it’s for a pair of cycling capris. I only have one pair, which makes for some interesting spin classes. I’ve been wearing them so much that they reak like crotch sweat… and going without the padding? Very. sore. lady-bits.


Fact: I haaaaaaaaaaate shopping for pants.

I had some good luck at Ricki’s today.The best part? When the little girl working there brought me a size 10 to try on. I guess I don’t look as big as I actually am, which is nice!


After shopping, I was famished and had some time to kill before my next appointment.

On the menu: SUBWAY! 6” veggie on whole wheat, and a bag of Miss Vickis.

Fact: Ever since my little food poisoning episode, I only eat veggie subs.


My next appointment was one I was dreading. The PAP.

Good news? They screwed up my appointment, so I didn’t have a PAP.

Bad news? I got a physical instead.

I haaaaaaaaate physicals for many reasons, but mostly because I have bad genes and the doctors always freak out.

I have to go for some blood work, but other than that I’m healthy as a horse.

Up next? Spin class at 4:30. I’ve been sicker than I dog all weekend, and my body is dying to sweat out some germs.


I declare today a success!


vanyelmoon said...

Sounds like an awesome day, excepting the doctors appointment. I love Jersey! Too cute :)

Danielle said...

First time commenter here! I keep meaning to check out SportChek for some spin just reminded me that I should do that tomorrow at lunch! If you are looking for other great, cheap capris, the old navy compression tights are awesome. I wore them for the army run and there was minimal jiggling.

Roz @ weightingfor50 said...

OH Amy! Soooo adorable. I just love the photos of your "critters". They are both so cute!!! Glad you are on the mend. Hope the rest of the week goes well.

sarah said...

Your pets are adorable. Jersey is too cute!!

Glad you are feeling better. And that is GREAT that they brought you a pair of size 10's!! =]

rusty61 said...

I just love the whiskers on Samuel! You have beautiful pets.

Sounds like a very successful day!

Jayme said...

Ok, the picture of your cat gnawing on the biscuit -- I loved it!!

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