Friday, October 28, 2011

Casual Friday

Today I took a step waaaaaay out of my fashion comfort zone.

Skinny jeans!
I paired them with a tunic-y sweater, and a collared shirt just to keep it classy.

I feel slightly uncomfortable though. I'm not sure if this look really suits my body type as I carry all of my weight in my stomach and inner thighs.

A belt might help, but I don't like the belt look. Stacy and Clinton have taught me it's important to emphasize your smallest part. However, my waist is a lot smaller than my hips/gut, so I feel like a belt just makes my waist look smaller and my hips looks 3459809 times bigger than they actually are.

Have no fear, this isn't becoming a fashion blog, because well, I have none.

I'm hungry. Time for breakfast. Have a great Friday!

Sending out birthday wishes to my dear friend Cathy today. Happy 30th lady!


Paula said...

I think you look super cute!

Teresa said...

Looking good. Happy weekend.

Laura said...

you look awesome!

SmallTownDi said...

I think that's a great look for you! Well done, stepping out of your comfort zone, by the way, I feel the same apprehension toward skinny jeans and now you've made me wonder if I'm just being silly.

Anonymous said...

You look fantastic! Way to go for stepping out of the box!...backinstep...

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