Thursday, October 27, 2011

Fall colours

It was 1 degree when I left the house this morning. It's almost time to get rid of my "commuting" flip flops. I must embrace that it's getting colder outside. I suppose I should also cave and turn on the furnace also. I think I could see my breath in the house this morning.

Usually, I'm a black pants kind of girl. I wear a lot of black with pinks, plums, purples and green. On my "Amy Day" I bought a couple of brown'ish pairs of dress pants. I've been gradually picking up a few shirts in the earthy-tone family to compliment them.

Last night I picked up this top at Reitmans. I think I like it. (matches my powder room towels too!)

What colours are you rocking this fall?


JODI said...

i have such a hard time finding pants that fit... love the shirt and color! :)

vanyelmoon said...

I wish really had a fall down here in South Florida. I usually only have to switch out my shorts for some jeans and I am good to go. As you can tell, I am not a fashionista :)

Laura said...

You look awesome!
I had to pull out running tights (not capris) this morning. I was sad.

nikkianne said...

I've been wearing a lot of blue this year.

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