Saturday, November 12, 2011

Apple Pancakes

Hi friends. Sorry for the little blog hiatus. I took an extra long weekend, and have spent the last few days away from the computer doing fun things!

Highlights included: a pedicure, lunch with my Dad, and attending the Ottawa Food and Wine Show.

Because of my lack of will power at the Ottawa Food and Wine Show, a workout was needed this morning. Prior to Body Combat starting, I was doing a few of my physio exercises on my shoulder when I was approached by a fellow gym member. The conversation started out with something like “This is going to sound weird, but…”.

Turns out Krissy (Krissie?) reads my little old blog and is also a friend of my buddy Crystallina. Thanks for saying hi… it totally made my day! :)

I arrived home sweaty and famished.

Pancakes sounded good. So did Muldoon-Maple-Syrup.


I simmered some chopped apples in a little water with brown sugar, vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg, dates, raisins and craisins.

It made a pretty great pancake topping.IMG_7808

Jersey got a little pancake too. Dog-bone shaped of course.


Time for a shower. Happy Saturday!


Vanessa said...

Jersey's little bone-shaped pancake is too cute!

Blossom said...

Hahaha, did you have beer with your pancakes?

Krissie said...

Thanks for not thinking I was crazy! :) It was nice to meet you. I really enjoy your blog, keep up the good work!

Roz @ weightingfor50 said...

The bone shaped pancake made me LOL. Love it. Have a good week Amy.

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