Thursday, November 24, 2011

My first refinishing project

This table was hanging out at the curb on garbage day a few weeks ago.

I've been looking for a small'ish table to house the satellite box which will go under the mounted TV in the bedroom.

My problem was paying $200'ish for a piece of furniture made of fake wood.

The freebie table is solid wood and was in ok shape. It just needed a good sanding to remove the varnish to create my 'blank canvas'.

I saw this entry table and knew I wanted to replicate it.

I really wanted to wait until I got the table all set up in the bedroom with the TV mounted to take pics with my good camera, but I have zero patience. I'm so pleased with the end result I wanted to show you guys now!

Not bad for a rookie eh?

My 'antiquing' isn't the best... but I think it looks pretty awesome.

My Mom was a very handy lady. She was just one of those women that was good at everything. She was the type that could make frilly pillows and hem all your clothes, but also the type that could get down and dirty with power tools. I always thought I was more like my Dad, but maybe there's a little more of my Mom in me than I thought. :)


Anonymous said...

Amazing Amy, that is something I want to do in the future with my Mom's old kitchen table, it's very similar to this one but bigger...thanks for the inspiration :)


Carmen said...

This is AWESOME! I wish my neighbors would put out stuff like that in their garbage. I've been looking everywhere for a table like that for cheap!

Vanessa said...

Wow, great job!

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