Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Straight and Narrow

My eats have been getting slightly out of control. I must focus on tracking my food.

While I have been loosely tracking, I've been indulging a little TOO much lately.
On today's menu:

B #1: Banana, coffee
B# 2: Yogurt and frozen blueberries
L: Spinach salad with chicken breast, All Bran bar
S: FF chocolate pudding, 2 clementines

Workout: Body Combat or Spin. I'm thinking spin.

Sometimes it feels good to be back in control. Other times not so much. Like the times I want to eat 349580 bowls of Shreddies.... kind of like I did last night. Ooops.


Anonymous said...

Strange we had the same night!

After my marathon working weekend, and my poutine, and chinese food take out...today I'm back on track :)


Jen said...

What is it about Shreddies hey?? I fricken love those things!!

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