Monday, November 28, 2011


I spent yesterday getting pampered at Le Nordik.

It was unlike anything I've ever experienced. While I'm kind of a girlie-girl in the sense that I make it a priority to keep up my hair, nails and ummmm body hair issues... I've never had a massage before. I think this is mostly due to my body image issues.

My cousin-in-law April rounded up my Aunt (her MIL) her Mom, and her SIL Tara (my other cousin-in-law) and we headed out for a day of relaxation.

We began the day with Swedish massages.

From the website: Combining strength and softness, this table massage eliminates tension, reduces stress, and improves blood circulation.

This was incredible. While I was slightly uncomfortable beind nekkid and having a random man feel me up... I left there feeling drunk. I had jello legs. My eyelids felt heavy. It was amazing. (and covered by my insurance plan. WHY WHY WHY have I never got a massage before?)

Following the massage, we hit up the nordic baths.

From the website:

1) Warm up in a sauna or steam bath for 10 to 15 minutes.
2) Do a quick pass under the Nordic waterfall or take a dip in the cold or temperate pool for a few seconds.
3) Rest fifteen minutes in one of our relaxation areas, outside or inside.

Repeat this ritual three or four times, finally immersing yourself in one of our whirlpools for a moment of total relaxation.

The steam bath was my favorite. It kind of felt like a torture chamber, but it felt SOOOO good. I loved that I could feel the sweat pouring off me. The least enjoyable part? The 'cold' aspect. See that pic below? The waterfall was 10 frickin' degrees. There is no way that lady is enjoying that. I couldn't even get my toe in the pool. The other cold pool was 20 degrees... I chose that option.

We ended the day with a "soin vivant" body treatment.

Feel like giving up completely and being pampered? This treatment is for you. It includes an exfoliation of the back, arms and legs, a treatment with thermal mud (back), and a massage of the scalp and face. Escape guaranteed!

This was easily the highlight of my day. The scalp massage was incredible. I swear at one point, my toes curled up a little.

I thought I would be wiped out after this day, but I was actually totally energized afterwards.

I may have just become a spa-junkie... but most definitely a massage junkie. Who knew falling off my bike and getting a doctor's note for massage could turn out so great?

Are you a spa/massage kind of person?


Laura said...

Sounds awesome! I am a spa person. I don't really get the 'fun' massages sports massage guy where my coverage goes is the king of pain and while isn't a whole lot of fun....

Anonymous said...

Love Le Nordik....and plus, the owner is married to my second cousin ;)

I try to fit in one massage, one facial and many pedicures a year :)


vanyelmoon said...

Sounds divine. I haven't been to a spa in ages. I will have to make it a goal for 2012.

BTW- I gave you a blog award for having such a great blog. You can pick it up on my site.

Have a great week,


Julie said...

went once with my mom and sisters, it was awesome!!! :-) did you go in the dark room? it was totally relaxing once i got over the super creepy feel of it and my sisters stopped giggling.. lol

Danielle @ D. Sells Seashells said...

Bah...wish massage $ through Sunlife was transferrable. I used allll of mine up between August and September on my stupid calves in prep for the army half and I could so use one right now.

Nadia said...

I was just talkin about this with some ladies at work I Friday! I must go...

Nadia said...

Sorry on Friday...

Will Run for Health said...

Amy that place looks great! I am a massage junkie and like you I found my love for them through an injury. When I was a junior in high school I fell off a golf cart and broke my jaw in 8 places. I had a lot of muscle issues in my neck and back after that and during my recovery. I used to get a massage several times a week and I really think it helped me heal faster and need less pain meds.

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