Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Baking Exchange Success!

I hate baking.

I also suck at baking.

Hence the reason I jumped at the chance to orgnanize a baking exchange at my office.

My colleagues went above and beyond, and I was so pleased with the turnout.

Shortbreads, truffles, peanut butter kisses cookies, salted caramel squares, snowball surprises, and turtles.

I made peanut butter balls, and this time they turned out perfectly. Recipe is here for those who were asking, except I use parafin wax instead of shortening in the chocolate coating.

Now we all know the real challenge that is ahead: staying away from the deliciousness! Last night was a success. I ate a clementine instead of 93480 cookies. Must keep that ball rolling.


sarah said...

I made the same PB balls for xmas. They are safely in my freezer to bring to my parent's house. But I do have to say they are delish!!

Anonymous said...

You are my hero! It audition process is a bit daunting but the people run the teams are fab. =) I'm sure you would be a brill instructor. If you want a rundown on an idea of the process message me (i trained to teach pump a few years ago).


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