Monday, December 5, 2011

The garmet that made me feel like a babe

I'm a big fan of Spanx... but for dresses only. But just as a FYI, don't trust the crotchless aspect of them. Take them off when you pee. Just sayin'.

Anyways, I bought a cute new 'holiday' top to sport during the plethora of parties I have to attend this season but I was feeling a little, ummmmmmmm, roll-y-polly in it.

In a pinch, I hit up trusty Walmart and found something similar to this for just $16.99.
I looooooooooved it. The best part? It didn't smoosh my boobs AND it had a little elastic band (think like those "stay put" head bands) at the bottom to keep it secure.

The even better part? It completely smoothed out my pootch and made me feel like a teeny tiny rock star.

Do you rock any under garmets?


Regan said...

I wear some form of Maidenform body briefer every single day - even weekends. The kind I wear are more like a bathing suit, without the bra portion (I wear my own) and have snaps between the legs.
I have some "low control" ones and some of the more "heavy duty" ones. I know that some people cringe at the thought of wearing them, but I feel better in my skin when I do!

Mis(s)Mannered Mom said...

What brand was this Amy? I need one of these!

CrYs said...

I need one too!

Anonymous said...

What is the brand....need one presto :)


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