Thursday, January 12, 2012

Coffee Talk

I have deemed 2012 to be the year of financial success.

First step. My coffee addiction.

I almost died when I started adding up my coffee expenses.

I'm not a full blown addict by any means, I usually enjoy 2 cups a day.

By simply swapping out my delicious, yet expensive, Starbucks Americano Mistos and replacing them with either (disgusting) Tim's or making it at home via my Keurig the savings are astronomical.

Next step: Retraining my palette to make other forms of coffee tolerable.


Sarah ♥ said...

We did this math too; so much cheaper for DBF to make his coffee at home (Diet Pepsi is my vice, and I can stock up when it goes on for $1 or less/2L!)

Danielle @ D. Sells Seashells said...

Let me ask the obvious - why don't you just downgrade to a regular coffee at Starbucks? I get a grande Pike + sugar free syrup for $2.60 and it would be like $2.10 without the syrup I think.

Krista said...

Don't know if you've tried McD's coffee lately but I actually like it better than Tim's....pretty close in price too (if you are still wanting to keep the purse strings a bit tight)...and they have sugar free vanilla syrup you can add as well.

Miss S. said...

I started making mine at home this summer. I got really bad about dropping my kids at preschool & hitting starbucks. I really like the Dunkin Donuts cups for my Keurig!

hrclark said...

The good thing about the keurig is that you can get different flavors to try out and you can add different selections!

Sarah said...

I have heard also that mcd's coffee is pretty good.I started transferring 10 dollars a week into a separate bank account as the money I would be saving by buying coffee. Then when I want to buy a shirt, I use my saved coffee money.

Bring Pretty Back said...

DITTO here! I am enjoying my coffee from home as well!!
Have a pretty day!

Blossom said...

Could you bring a thermos to work? I guess it depends what time of day you like your coffee. I acutally prefer Country Style to Tims (although I do like it)... I have a feeling you must like your coffee strong if you prefer starbucks over the others!

Natasha said...

We just bought a Keurig for xmas for the same reasons. Crazy how much can be saved!

Crys :D said...

what if you brought a mini keurig to work?
then that's only $1 a day?

or you can go further and charge your coworkers $1

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