Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Dinner of Champions

Sometimes work gets in the way of my quest for healthy living.

I am absolutely loving the new challenges in my career, but admittedly my plate is pretty full. I start work early, but as my clients are mostly International I arrive to a full inbox every morning due to time change. I'm finding the best time to get work accomplished is between 5-7 when everyone has left for the day.

I left late last night, missing my 4:30pm workout window. The entire drive home, I was thinking "I'm just gonna skip tonight" but then my conscience got to me and I decided I'd feel worse if I didn't go.

I went to Body Combat and rocked it. I left feeling slightly queesy, and decided I didn't want/have the energy to prepare the bok choy and mushroom stir fry I had planned.

Instead, I had my version of a Dinner for Champions.
A green smoothie (water, strawberry yogurt, frozen banana, fresh strawberries and a scoop of vanilla protein) annnnnnnnnnd a piece of cake.

Odd yes, but equally delicious.

The moral of the story? Sometimes it's ok to eat cake for dinner. In fact, I encourage it.

(Still haven't decided on a back splash... but I gotta say, I'm liking the way that one looks against the counter!)


nikkianne said...

Haha! Love it!

Mich9 said...

google knows it :-D

Negletekniker said...

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Casino said...

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