Monday, January 2, 2012

Golden Retriever Out-takes

Fact: My dog is photogenic.

Fact#2: It dosn’t come without a struggle.

Christmas Day seems like the perfect day for a photo-shoot, right?

The weather was beautiful, there was freshly fallen snow. I managed to get a couple great shots you’ll see at the end but it was all the outtakes that really made me laugh! She is such a dork!

IMG_8006IMG_8014IMG_8019IMG_8002 IMG_8008  IMG_8011 IMG_8013 IMG_8015

Money shot #1


Money shot #2  


The key to happy Jersey faces? Holding a stick up in the air.

I love that dog to bits.


Vanessa said...

Too cute!

sarah said...

Your dog is too cute.

Shannon said...

What a cute dog! :) I think golden retrievers are so adorable!! :)

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