Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The great tile debate

We've been in our home for 7 months now. Each and every day during those 7 months I have cursed the lack of storage.

The thing with the kitchen, there is a lot of space it's just not designed well.
Despite our home only being 2 years old, we've decided to have some additional cabinets added. Merely for my sanity.... and storage.

Here is a drawing of the design:

Reno's include: Taking down the hood fan and replacing it with a microwave/hood fan (this will free up the cabinet across from the stove) adding doors to the cabinet where the microwave currently is, adding a panty, adding a broom closet, a desk, and 4-5 extra cabinets on the top.

Oh, we're also getting rid of that hideous light over the sink and the ceiling fan and running potlights through the whole kitchen.

I love this design, as my main concern was making everything look like it's been there since the house was built. I'd love to change the finishings (the people that built the house were in their 60's) as they aren't my taste... but it really is a beautiful kitchen.

I figured while we're at it, we might as well replace the ugly back splash too.

I think I know which one I want, but I thought I'd ask for your opinion too!

Option A)

Option B)

Option C)

Option D)

Who knew that choosing the back splash would be the hardest part?


JODI said...

I think I like option A the best, but they're all really nice... We just had new cabinets added to our kitchen as well and though it was pricy, I am thrilled to have more storage... Sometimes the best option isn't always the cheapest, but if you're happy with the results - that's what counts! :)

M and A said...

I like b and c because they don't have tiles that jut out. The jutting out parts look like they would collect dust and be hard to wipe off.

Angie All The Way said...

Oh yay! Fun renos! I love the extra storage/desk area you are adding! I curse my kitchen wishing there was more storage as well. I would have chosen different cabinets & hardware (in our kitchen) and while they are "nice," not my choice. We also don't have a backsplash (yet), but McHottie was talking about putting that on the project list just the other day as a DIY.

For yours, how far are you going with the backsplash? All the way to the desk and keeping the same straight line all the way across to the end? Are you considering tiling the entire wall below the cabinets where the desk will be? If so, I might go with a less multi-coloured tile so that it doesn't look too "busy", but I like the idea of continuing that whole space down to the floor.

It's hard to judge because the colours of the cabinets/counters are not likely represented truly in the photos (the cabs/counters look darker in some photos) and it's important to consider the texture of the appearance of the tile on the floor. THIS IS HARD! I need side by sides of the floor tile and the ones you have.

I'm stumped right now! Every time I go to type a favourite, I change my mind! I kind of like the rectangular skinny glass tile (A), but also the 3D light coloured mult-sized rectangles for more dimension (D)

Is a contractor doing it all, or are you DIYing any of it?

Laura said...

If you pick B...we will be kitchen buddies. Seriously..that is almost exactly the same as ours. We have very dark cupboards and a countertop that has the same tones so it goes well. I SUCKED at our renos..My hubs picked it all out as I can't visualize it all well.
Love the design!!

Food Coma said...

I like A and I agree with the previous post that the tiels that jut out would be total dust collectors, what a great point.

Danielle @ D. Sells Seashells said...

B or C. I think C would really warm up your kitchen.

Natasha said...

Nice kitchen! Lucky you have the room to add more. My kitchen is retarted! I like option B.

Christy said...

I have the same as option B :). We dont have the same coloured cabinets - but i live my backsplash and its very versatile!

And love the renos you are doing!

Jaime said...

Another vote for A! I dream about finally getting back up to full time work so I can proceed with my kitchen renos and that's the style of backsplash I want. :)

Anonymous said...

Definitely option C!

Mis(s)Mannered Mom said...

A or C.
A would be a more monochromatic, cooler feel while C would be warmer and tie in cabinets and counter. It'll look great either way!

Kayla said...

definitely option B!

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