Friday, January 27, 2012

K-Cup Heaven

My darling friend Angi introduced me to a store in my 'hood called Tweed and Hickory.

I had driven past it a kajillion times, but had never actually ventured in. It's a odd store, but the most important part? It's K-Cup heaven!

The thing with K Cup coffee, is that it's expensive... espescially if you buy an entire box and don't like it.

Tweed and Hickory sells them in bulk. You can pick and choose, 24 for $16.49.

I got lots of new flavours to try: butterscotch, donut shop, pumpkin, peppermint tea, white hot chocolate, Haiwaiian hazelut, pecan praline, chocolate donut, winter carnival, lemon tea and caramel vanilla nut.

...and as 2012 is the year of financial success, for those of you doing the math: that's 0.68 cents a cup!


Strong_Focus said...

Damn! I am tearing up from the love.
I need to send the husband in for some Hawaiian Hazelnut. I had a caramel creme one the other day that was to die for.

Jenn Hoskins said...

We have used Tweed & Hickory for a couple of orders now...really impressed with them. And they ship out of Timmins, Ontario for Canadians.


Momma Hunt said...

Can't remember if I mentioned this already but lets you put together your own box of coffees with all sorts of flavors. Also once you find a flavor you like they are not too expensive

dochri said...


Blossom said...

Coffee that TASTES like donuts?! Holy! Want a review of that one!

Christy said...

I love Tweed and Hickory! They have some really neat clothes (in and amongst the old lady clothes) - but apparently 31 is old. I'm turning 37 this year so I'm even older than old!

Vind Konkurrencer said...

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