Thursday, January 26, 2012

TV Talk

It's no secret that I have an addictive personality.

This also applies to my TV watching skills.

I hate watching TV in "real time" and thrive on marathon-series on DVD-sessions.

This all started waaaaaaaaay back in about 2003, when I watched the first episode of 24...which resulted in me not leaving my house for an entire weekend because I was glued to the TV.

My latest obsession?

Sons of Anarchy. It's sooooo good. I'm not sure how I've missed out on it for all this time. There's already 4 seasons!

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Other shows that I have plowed through: Dexter, Breaking Bad (my favorite!), American Horror Story, True Blood, Californication, Gilmore Girls (still have a few seasons to go), The Good Wife (still have a few seasons to go), Entourage, and as much as I hate admitting this: One Tree Hill.

Are you a marathon TV watcher?


Natasha said...

I bought the box set of Six Feet Under after the series was over. It was SO good!! There was (I think?) 7 seasons. I was glued every free moment I had until it was finished :-)

Blossom said...

I love SOA too! Getting it now on FX Canada! I just finished Dexter season 6 (WOW), and am working on Boardwalk Empire season 2 now. Another new one I've found is Enlightened!

Andrew said...

+ Californication, Felicity (groan), How I Met Your Mother, and probably some others...

Kinder said...

I have recently discovered this way of watching tv and love it! I have watched Weeds, Big Love, True Blood and am now working on In Treatment. LOVED the first three and would highly recommend them!

Laura said...

I am watching Jericho for the first time. It was shortlived and OH SO GOOD. I have mixed feelings because I am almost through the first season and there is only a short second season after that (I think). I want to savour it but watch it all. It's tough. ;)

Jen said...

We did that with I hate waiting week to week even if there arent commercials!!

I need to watch Sons of Anarchy - I've heard great things about - and little factoid, Dannys uncle is on it - apparently he's an asshole (on the show) named Trig...or something like that...again, need to watch the show!!

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