Thursday, February 23, 2012

...and I was running

I have a love-hate relationship with running.

I go through phases where I'm gung-ho for it. Followed by phases of pure hatred.

Whenever a long period of time passes without running, admittedly, I'm always afraid of that first run.

"It's going to hurt."

"I've lost too much endurance."

"I suck at running, I want to eat peanut butter truffles instead".

But you know what? After that first-run-in-a-while, I'm always surprised.

I don't actually suck that bad. Yah, it was kinda uncomfortable... but I could still physically do it.
Having a good running buddy always helps too.

I don't know what my running future holds for me, but I just know that it feels pretty awesome (and sweaty).


Anonymous said...

I needed to read this today!! Ive been struggling to get back to running as I know it helps my anxiety immensely and that's been going crazy lately. When I lace up my sneakers this weekend for my first run in months I will think of you and thank you!!!

Bingo Bonus said...

pleasure it will get when we do eat. It recognizes that not eating is the painful alternative and as usual, picks the least painful choice.

Silkeborg SkĂžnhedsklinik said...

Usually have trouble getting to the gym but struggle with the food aspect. That being said, a couple missed workouts really isn't a big deal if you're eating so well.

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