Monday, February 20, 2012

Family Day - Outfit of the Day

Today is Family Day in Ontario. But I don't get it off.

As a result, I'm rebelling by wearing jeans. I know... very scandalous.

I did a little cross-border shopping on the weekend. I picked up this cute top from New York and Company. And now that I see it on the model, it looks way better on her. The thing with those tops that are supposed to be flowy? I don't want to look flowy. I don't need to look any wider than I already am. Regardless, I'm feeling pretty sassy!
...and you can't forget the shoes. Picked up these little babies, 60% off. There's a 2.5" heel under there. Perfect for walking and not making me look like a giant.

And you know that no trip to the US isn't complete without a plethora of greek yogurt. I'm all stocked up again. Weeeeee!

Happy Monday to all.


rusty61 said...

You look fabulous!

Helen said...

I just found your blog today and am having a lot of fun reading it. We often come back on the US side just so that we can hit the Waterloo Outlets. We also stock up on Key Lime yogurt (Love it!) and fat free cheeses. I have a membership at a City rec facility and can relate to a lot of the classes that you describe. It's great to read about your adventures in healthy living.
Happy Family Day!

Mis(s)Mannered Mom said...

You look great Amy!!! I need to do a cross border trip too and get me some Chobani! Sounds like a plan! Did you ever decide on backsplash??

MizFit said...

Happy Day After Family day :)
you look snazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzy AND scandalous ;)

Anonymous said...

Love that color on you :)

Happy B-day xo

Double Glazing Leeds said...

Usually have trouble getting to the gym but struggle with the food aspect. That being said, a couple missed workouts really isn't a big deal if you're eating so well.

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