Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Last week was pretty rough on me. That cannot be denied.

But that doesn't excuse my lack of motivation to hit the gym. Nor does it give me permission to eat like Miss Piggy.

I'm struggling. Badly.

I want to fix it. I know how to fix it. But the motivation is missing.

Words of wisdom anyone?


Enz said...

I don't comment on your blog very often but I've been reading for a few years now.

You're grieving. You're allowed not to care about anything else for a while. It means you're normal, human and loving.


Danielle @ D. Sells Seashells said...

Sorry that last week was so hard for you :( Makes me want to squeeze my nanny and poppy tight.

If you are anything like me, you will reach the apex and the motivation will come. I've tried to force motivation so many times but ultimately, for me, it comes when I simply can't bear the feeling of being UNmotivated any longer. You move from apathy or complacency to having an overwhelming urge to make a change. Pretty much the most useless, unhelpful response ever but there you have it.

MizFit said...

I wish I had great words.
All I do is get back up in the morning and try.



Anonymous said...

Amy, give yourself some time to grief....you lost someone dear to you....face your feelings instead of eating them....write your feelings, scream your feelings, cry your feelings.

Take care my friend

Anonymous said...

I don't usually comment either but my heart goes out to you.
Grieve. Take care of yourself.

Momma Hunt said...

Hang in there and in the wise words of Nemo
"Just Keep Swimming"

In a time like this perhaps you should just focus on getting through the days and the rest will fall into place later on

Anonymous said...

Poor thing. I'm not a normal commenter, but I know what it feels like to lose. It hurts. But one day the sun will shine again on you, so take the time to love yourself and grieve. Work on healing your heart. Exercise will always be there. So sorry for you, Amy. :(

Anonymous said...

Oh honey, just go with it! You will get back on track when you are ready!! I just started following you but I already believe in you!!

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