Thursday, March 8, 2012

Adventures in AM exercise

My gym used to have a 'sign up' policy with regards to spin classes. They would put out a sign up sheet 15 mins before the class began, you'd sign up, and be guaranteed a bike. Seems easy enough right?

I'm not sure why, but effective January 1st they decided it make it on a first come, first served basis. The caveat being you had to physically be on the bike - there was no saving a bike with a towel etc.

It worked well for the first little while, although you'd have to be there 30 mins before to actually get a bike. People were afraid to go to the bathroom at risk of losing their bike, etc.

Now, people are just saving their bikes with towels.

I arrived at 5:45am today, to find a room full of towels on bikes. I was not impressed.

That being said, (and this may surprise any of you who know me in real life) I don't have the balls to actually move someone's towel and steal their bike. I'm a regular face in the spin room, and I don't want to be known as 'that bitch that stole my bike'.

What ticked me off the most was that I didn't bring my running shoes, so I just headed home and decided to wake up this girl for a run.

She looks impressed dosn't she?

It was a mild 11 degrees this morning. Perfect weather for capris!

We started out in the dark and ran for about 50 mins.

Luckily she perked up a bit.

Worst part about the spring time when you own a dog? Muddy feet!

We did some stretches in the driveway and on the front step, when I think she realized her fun for the day was over. Sad face returned.

My morning started out a little miserable, but it all ended up ok.

I exercised. Jersey exercised. All before 7am too.

Not a bad start to the day. :)


Christy said...

I'd be annoyed at the whole towel on a bike thing too! But you turne the morning around! I ran this morning too, even had to take off my jacket halfway through, gorgeus outside!

And your face lOoks super slim, and beautiful too ;)

Anonymous said...

Wish I could run....lucky girls :)


Laura said...

Brava! I would have felt so defeated that I would have just gone home.

Celine said...

I love how Jersey is always so expressive! <3

What a cutie !

Good job for still getting exercice done!

sarah said...

That blows!! My gym gives out "passes". You get to show up 30 minutes before hand to get them.

Glad you were able to get in a run.

And Jersey is so darn cute!!

Tamara said...

I just realized you are blogging again. Cool! Sounds like those folks in the spin room did you a favour :)

Sarah said...

My gym hands out tickets. 30 bikes, 30 tickets. First come,first serve.

Teresa said...

The towel thing would have annoyed me too! I have the same issue with my pup, the joy of the melt.

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