Friday, March 16, 2012

Cookie Monster

In the afternoons when my sweet tooth kicks in, the first thing I want is a cookie.

A delicious, chewy oatmeal raisin cookie from the cafeteria in my building.

I went on a quest earlier in the week so find something to satisfy my sweet tooth, and came up empty handed.

There were no oatmeal cookies. A muffin didn't sound appealing. And everything else contained chocolate - friggin' Lent.

I saw this recipe for date cookies and was intrigued. I made a few changes: I reduced the sugar to a tablesoon (the dough was plenty sweet) and opted not to frost them, because that just sounded gross to me.

I even prewrapped them like the cafeteria does. They are delicious and moist - and even kinda healthy'ish.

I also arrived to some peanut butter sandwich cookies on my desk this morning. A colleague made some festive St. Patty's Day brownies for the team, but made me some cookies since she knew I gave up chocolate.

There are still nice people in the world. :)

I've had a pretty rough week at work, so I'm beyond happy it's FRRRRIDAY!


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Celine said...

TGIF! This cookie looks yummy! :-)

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