Tuesday, March 13, 2012

My 600-lb Life

Has anyone watched this show?
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I caught a glimpse of it last night, and it left me... well, thinking about a lot of things.

The episode I watched followed the story of Ashley who lost 364 lbs. Amazing!

This is where I must warn you, my thoughts are a little over the place and you may not agree with all of them and I respect that.

My heart totally broke for Ashley - mainly due to the fact her mother was quite horrid to her. She constantly nagged and teased her, despite having quite a significant weight problem herself. At one point Ashley was in the hospital for a skin removal surgery, and her mother was teasing her about not being able to eat her Father's delicious homemade buns at Thanksgiving. Who does this?

Which brings me to my next thought: skin removal.

Admittedly, I was uber jealous that she had skin removal surgery covered not once, but twice. TLC called it "qualified" and I'm not quite sure exactly what that entails, but regardless she had it done.

I just can't help but feel like it's not fair.

Like many people out there, I lost all my weight without it costing a dime to the tax payer. I have kept it off for years, but every single day, I'm plagued by my access skin. Yes, it's not as extreme as someone who once weighed 600lbs. But it's still there. I feel like there should be some sort of compensation in our health care system. I realize it is mostly cosmetic, but trust me, there's more to it than having a flat stomach. Anyone that has lost a significant amount of weight can attest to the infections that can occur underneath, the slapping sounds, and the stinky belly button.

I can literally grab handfuls of skin from my stomach and inner thighs. Not hot.

Unfortunately at this point in my life, I cannot justify the costs associated with skin removal.

There is no way to really end this post eloquently. I think though, for my sanity mostly, it would just be best for me not to watch this show anymore. My blood pressure can't handle it.

It makes me stabby.


Anonymous said...

Amy, I don't care what age you are....I would do it.......
And I also feel cheated when I watch those shows....I don't understand why our health service help us with weight loss, it's must cheaper than supporting sick people.


Krissie said...

I love this post. And I must admit that my skin issues are part of the reason I'm content not to try to lose anymore. I'm barely out of the obese category, but the more I see my body get smaller, the more frustrated I get. I have a waist, but I'll never be able to show it off because of the roll I have under my boobs. I'll never be able to run in shorts because of the skin that hangs from my thighs to my knees. And don't even get me started on my poor, sad, deflated breasts.

It not only frustrates me that I'll never naturally have the body I'm working so hard for, but it is also a constant reminder of how much abuse my body took from my actions. That makes me sad.

So I get it. No advice. Just know you're not alone.

Anonymous said...

Oops...our heath program doesn't help us with weight loss!


Laura said...

Perfect post! Agree 100%. Recently watched a newsbrief about a teenager who had both her weight loss surgery AND skin removal surgery covered by insurance. I, like you, worked hard to lose the weight, continue to work hard to keep it off, yet I have to pay thousands for skin removal b/c it's deemed "cosmetic". Frustrating and sad.

Ali @ A Serendipitous Life said...

Have you talked to your doc about it? In BC my doctor told my brother, who lost about 100 pounds on his own, that if there was a medical reason (rashes, uncomfortable, impeding your ability to exercise and live a healthy life, or psychologically damaging) that medical would cover it! It wouldn't be a fancy plastic surgeon, but a regular ol' surgeon will do it quite well.

Deborah Nicholson said...

I'm told in Alberta that if you're obese, it's covered. If you're no longer obese, it's not. I'm really not thrilled by that. I've spent a fortune on plastic surgeons - love the results but am slightly bitter. And then they're expanding the bariatric program here instead of helping us out.

Surgery would be covered if there were a medical reason - but good luck, it has to be valid, documented and is hard to prove to the extent that they would make an exemption. Maybe us losers are going to have to become activists?

Jody said...

This is one aspect where the UK health care is slightly better - it is covered on the National Health System - and so it should be; people work so hard to get their weight off and however they have reached their goal, they should be helped to acheive a comfortable body to live in. How about all the money that is spent on health care for obese people eh?

Shana said...

If you are having infections/recurring irritation it should be covered by your insurance! I think runsforcookies.com got it covered...she then decided to pay for a lower body lift but initially they said that a tummy tuck would be bovered by insurance.
You never know unless you go to the doctor! Good luck! :)

Rasheel said...

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dakotablu said...

I agree with she you but.I am writing for a different reason though is it me or was ashley just a miserable ungrateful person? The whole show She never once laughed or thanked her doctor. She has a ungrateful attitude. I just think she's unpersonable.she was eating a few X's on the show and the way she wooded her food down was disgusting. I guarantee you within a few years she'll b heavy again.i think she looks like she didn't loose much more weight. Her legs need to be toned they're horrible. Cover up ashley☆☆☆

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