Monday, March 12, 2012

A pretty fantastic Sunday…

It was a rather splendid day in Ottawa yesterday.

I started the day out with a wicked 75 min spin class that left me a sweaty mess. Love a challenging class to start my day.

After a quick shower, we then headed to Perth to lunch with my MIL and her “friend” to celebrate her birthday. I was surprised to see a sweet potato/black bean burrito on the menu. I enjoyed every bite!

The afternoon was spent at my cousin’s place – maple syrup production was on the schedule.

You may recall the maiden voyage from last year.

This year the production has left the “just trying this out” mode, and is definitely leaning towards the “sophisticated production” side of things.

There is an evaporator.


A sugar shack.IMG_8164

A sap collector thing that feeds the sap into the evaporator.IMG_8166 



For the first round of sap collection, I was the driver. I’d drive this thing-a-me-gig around the bush while the boys collected the sap. For the other 2 round, I was a collector. It looked like they were getting quite a workout, so I couldn’t bare the thought of not burning a few extra calories. Sap collecting is no joke! My heart rate was definitely pumping!IMG_8222

IMG_8196 IMG_8213

Jersey had a WONDERFUL time. Of course… she found every puddle!IMG_8197 IMG_8199 IMG_8206   

Just like last year, Jersey got to visit her favorite cousin Sierra. IMG_8170

And Auntie got Connor cuddles. He’s now just over 2 now. He’s getting so big, and cuter every single day. I think I’m going to make this picture an annual tradition… the start of every maple syrup season!IMG_8235


This my friends, is what Sunday’s are all about.

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Agreed! Loved the pictures, thanks for sharing !

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