Monday, March 26, 2012

Weekend Synopsis

  • Friday night I was in bed by 8:47pm.

  • I am trying reallllly hard to get into The Hunger Games, but it's too sci-fi'ish for me.

  • Saturday I had big plans to do a double class: Pump, then Combat. It all went to shit when I woke up at 10:00am. It quickly became an impromptu day of rest.

  • Saturday evening involved meeting my friend Amie's new baby, Zak. He was little, and perfect. Motherhood suits her well. She's a complete natural. Not to mention, when I first saw her I actually forgot she had a baby. She looks completely like herself... lucky!

  • Saturday night was Sens vs Pens. Enough said. It appeared that Sid's vagina was in good form though.

  • Sunday started with the good intentions of going to spin at 10:00am. I know I write frequently about the ridiculous "first come first served" policy at Goodlife, but it's a real piss off. I was #16 in line. There are 24 bikes. Should have been a shoo-in, right? WRONG. I went to the far side of the spin room, only to discover all the bikes were full. By the time I fought the crowds to get back to the other side of the room all the bikes were effing full. I AM SO SICK OF GETTING SCREWED OUT OF A SPIN BIKE! I realize I just need to grow a set and start removing towels/water bottles. That would end my problem. It also might start a war. You think I'm joking, but I'm not.

  • I killed an hour by having a Starby's, then went back and did Pump/CX Worx. Can't walk down the stairs today. Hurts so good!

  • I spent the rest of my day in sloth mode which involved banana popsicles and 6 episodes of The Killing. It's addictive.

It's Monday. Frig.


Jaime said...

At my Goodlife you have to ask for a token at the front desk if you are going to a class...doesn't yours do something like that?

Having said that, I think the token just confirms you have a full membership and are allowed to be in the class...they don't take a count.

I've also never taken anything besides yoga so what do I know?

I just saw the commercials for The Killing last night during Mad Men. Yet another show I didn't know existed that I now need to watch immediately.

Anonymous said...

Is The Killing available online (in Canada)?

Danielle @ D. Sells Seashells said...

When I used to do Gavin's 10am RPM on Saturdays, I had to get there at effing 9:00 or else all of the bikes would already be covered in towels and shoes. Seriously?!?! Then I would hop off the bike 10 minutes early so I could sprint to the bodypump studio and wait outside until Combat finished (your old class!!) so that I could book it in there and try and get a spot that wasn't up the instructor's ass. Seriously, people. Cool it.

Theresa @ ActiveEggplant said...

My gym recently instituted the "sign in 30 min early" process.

Then people started lying about signing up...or signing their name big enough to take up four spaces so they could save a bike for 3 of their friends that wouldn't get there in time to sign in.

Now you can still signin 30 min early - and they watch to make sure you are only signing one name on one line and that the writing is actually legible - but there is a "surprise" sticker or marker for each class. It changes every day so shady folk cant go out and buy a pack of stickers and fake that they were there early.

People STILL try to sneak in ever day. But now the instructors are aware of it and will read down the list of names and kick any fakers out!

Anonymous said...

That's terrible about the spin class - you should have got in. At my goodlife the cycling studio has 37 bikes and the class is always packed on Sat. Mornings. Line up starts before 10am for the 10:30 class, but the sign up sheet doesn't go out until 10:15. The instructor will do a roll call to make sure everyone in the room signed up.

Celine said...

Oh man, that's so frustrating about spin classes! That would drive me bonkers ! :@

iknowiwaswatching said...

"It appeared that Sid's vagina was in good form though."

What does this mean?

Anonymous said...

"It appeared that Sid's vagina was in good form though"....This made me laugh out loud, at my desk...needed that! I LOATHE that boy.

abbott.simth said...

Clingy as this will turn him off. Your goal should simply be to get on his good side, so that when he thinks of you in a positive manner.


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