Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Well that sucked…

It was 13 degrees when I arrived home from work yesterday.

Far too nice to spend the evening at the gym.

I downloaded some new music and finally figured out how to fix my Ipod. Last night I synched it, I lost all my playlists. A little Googling helped me remedy this problem.

Armed with a fresh  new playlist, my dog and my Garmin I hit the road.

The first 10 mins were fine. Stopped to let you-know-who do her thing, and that’s where the run started to fall apart. Or at least I did mentally.

My legs felt stiff. My breathing was heavy. My pace was too fast.

Walk breaks became frequent. More frequent than not.

This is the Google street view of the hill at the end of my run.

imageAfter running down it, I was suddenly pissed at myself for not trying harder.

So I turned around and ran back up…. as fast as I could.

I arrived at the top completely winded, but somehow I felt a little bit of redemption.

I turned around and ran back home. Slowly.

And I walked for the last half a kilometre.

My philosophy is that “any running is better than no running.” so I have to be happy that I at least got out there and tried.

There will be better runs in my future. I’m certain of that.

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Celine said...

Your next run will be better ! :-)

Keep going Amy !

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