Monday, April 16, 2012

2 for 2!

If you've been reading my little blog for a while, you know that I had a pretty serious bike accident last summer. As a result of said accident, I missed pretty much the entire baseball season and I think I rode my bike maybe another 2-3 times afterwards.

Good news!

This weekend I rode my bike AND played a little baseball and my shoulder felt grrrrrrrreat.

And so did my re-laced glove.

This glove could possibly be older than I am. I got it as a hand me down from my cousin when I was in grade 5. Last summer, I ended up leaving it at the diamond after a game. I thought for sure someone would see it, and think "This thing is a piece of shit, it must be garbage". The baseball gods must have heard my pleas, so they intervened and a good soul found it and returned it. It was about 3 weeks before I heard anything, so I had actually went out an bought a new glove. That new glove will never be able to replace my little gem. It sits in the back of my car as a back-up.

I had my old baby relaced and oiled (not sure about this, it came back darker) and it's good as new again. Here's hoping I'll get another 25 years out of it.

All that to say, I'm pumped it's baseball season again. I'm playing it 2 different leagues this summer and I couldn't be happier about that.

Love me some baseball.


Anonymous said...

Never saw such a tomboy with pretty nails ;)


Jody said...

That's great news! (About your shoulder and your glove).

I'm sooo envious. The brits don't really play ball (not in my part of the country anyway). I really miss it - football (soccer) and netball just aren't for me!

Danielle @ D. Sells Seashells said...

What leagues are you playing in? I've been "appointed" scorekeeper for 2 teams in different leagues...perhaps we'll be seeing each other!

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