Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Day #1 of Staycation consisted of: waiting around all day for the granite guy, an impromptu visit from my Dad, spin class, enchiladas and watching “We Bought a Zoo”. Not too shabby.

Day #2 has been pretty good thus far.

Body Pump + CX Worx, iced coffee,IMG_8319

and oatmeal.IMG_8317

Afternoon plans: Walk with the dog, appointment to get fitted for orthotics, and maybe hit up spin class for a double dose of exercise.

Confession: I’m finding it very difficult to be away from the office. I live and breathe my career, so being away is causing me a little bit of anguish. That being said, the whole point of taking this week off was to get away. I need unwind. I need to let go. I can do this.

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Celine said...

I know how you feel, I'm the same way everytime I take some time off from work.

Enjoy your time away though ! :-)

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