Friday, October 18, 2013


  1. I made this Jambalaya recipe last night.
  2. Making cauliflower rice is messy. Or maybe it's me that is a messy cauliflower rice maker.
  3. But, it does make a pretty fantastic substitute for actual rice.
  4. It tasted awesome, and I'm looking forward to the the leftovers for lunch.
  5. Make it, bitch.
  6. I love adding 'bitch' to the end of sentences now. It's my new thing thanks to Jesse Pinkman, bitch.

Have a great weekend.... errr... I mean... Have a great weekend, bitch!


Manon Cleroux said...

where are you Amy.....we miss you :(

psychicsdirectory01 said...

Great and good job of you......keep sharing.

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