Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Attn: Peanut Gallery

Attn: Peanut Gallery

Peanut Gallery
A group of people whose opinions are considered unimportant

I'm going to keep this simple for you:

1) I didn't dislocate my shoulder BECAUSE of Crossfit. I re-injured an old shoulder injury while I was physically located in a Crossfit gym, but it wasn't because of Crossfit that my shoulder was dislocated.

2) Don't assume that I hurt myself because I'm a rookie or because I was not given proper coaching.

3) I'm happy you've found a program that works for you, I really am. You look great and clearly your hard work has paid off.... but that doesn't mean what I'm doing is wrong.

4) My nutrition choices are exactly that -  MY CHOICES. And here's the beauty of it: It's my body. If I want a chocolate bar, chances are I'm probably going to eat one. I choose to live my life without a ton of restrictions, because I truly believe that is sustainable for me and my long term goals. Does that make me or my program inferior to yours? Absolutely not. Get the fuck over yourself.

5) I don't want to spend 3 hours a day in the gym. I don't like lifting weights. I don't like cardio machines. What I do like? Training in a group environment, so that's what I do. Exercise is a hell of a lot better for all parties involved when you like what you're doing.

7) I'm not choosing do eliminate gluten from my diet because it's trendy or because I read the first chapter of the Wheat Belly and am self-diagnosing with Celiac. I'm following medical advice given to me by a PROFESSIONAL.

8) Why can't people just recognize and accept that different things work for different people? I lost the majority of my weight following Weight Watchers and running. Now I don't do either. I continue to maintain the majority of my weight loss and find other ways to exercises. I'm skinnier and fitter than I once was. Isn't that the point? Why does it matter how I choose to do it?

9) Please feel free to continue judging me, what I eat, how I workout, and my life decisions if that's what makes you feel better. Just know at the end of the day, I live a full and happy life and that is what is important to me.

10) Fuck  you.


Jaime said...

Where are these asshats that are giving you grief?! I have a few choice words for them myself. You tell 'em Ames!

Born to Run said...

Boo to judgemental people!

Manon Cleroux said...

You got it girl!


Kataroo said...

The "peanut gallery" can suck my farts!!! oops was that rude? lol

WAY TO GO AMY!!!! and I hope your shoulder heals soon and your back to SNATCHING you dirty girl!

Kataroo said...

ps. I love that Jamie said ASSHATS I forgot about that awesome word :)

Strong_Focus said...

The level of douchebaggery coming from the peanut gallery is intense. Fuck them. You rock.

Niomi Flouring said...

Really glad you wrote this blog! eff the peanut gallery LOL. I have also recently lost a lot of weight and was actually looking for a skin tightening treatment when I came across your blog

chicago foodie girl said...

WhatEVER. The PG can suck it!

Anonymous said...

people are assholes. you're beautiful, smart and doing what's right for you.

love your bitchy friend from Vancouver who no longer has a profile.

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