Friday, December 27, 2013

Happy Holidays

Jersey says "Happy Holidays!"
Love that dog.

Christmas has come and gone, I'm back at work and I think I'm still in a food/wine coma.

Usually this wouldn't be so problematic as I'd just hit the gym hard and sweat it out. But when you're on the DL (disabled list) with a messed up shoulder it's not quite that easy. My MRI is scheduled for February 3rd, which is pretty far away.

The good news is that my shoulder is feeling pretty good.
The bad news is that it frequently dislocates, and when it does the pain comes back.

It hasn't went out in over a week, so I'm feeling kind of awesome.

I'm going to head back to the gym this weekend, and see how it goes. No Crossfit sadly, but that's ok too. I'll be happy to start with some light cardio and work my way back.

I'm down, but not for the count. I've got this.


Kataroo said...

Totally sucks to be injured :( I cringed when you spoke of how you re-dislocate. Sounds very very painful. I hope the MRI leads to speedy treatment and healing. In the meantime, here's to the cardio endorphins easing some of that frustration.

Jaime said...

Dumb injury! Happy Holidays Amy. You've got this.

Manon Cleroux said...

Too bad you are so far away....I would invite you to come and workout at my gym :)


Jen Nifer said...

You have got this! Feel better. Merry Christmas & happy new year to you guys!

XfitGirl said...

I wouldn't normally comment, but I swear our lives our running in a parallel, names Amy, maintaining a 50 pound weight loss, annnnd I dislocated my shoulder 4 weeks ago to the day doing OHS! Sigh, stay strong, I stay positive thinking how awesome my ass is going to look with all the spinning I'm doing! Good luck to you!

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