Friday, January 3, 2014


Happy New Year my friends!

People have been writing some pretty awesome things about their resolutions and goals for 2014, but  first I think I need to reflect a little on 2013.

If I were to summarize 2013 in my current state of mind today, I'd say "It sucked." For those of you wondering what my current state of mind is?

- I feel like my thighs have gotten so big my knees are rubbing together
- My boobs are huge
- I have a back fat
- I feel like everyone is looking at me with disgust.

Harsh, but true. Exercise and nutrition go hand in hand for me and sadly, no exercise = compulsive eating. I hate saying that, but my self control of late is non-existent.

But you know what? In hindsight, from a healthy perspective 2013 wasn't all that bad afterall.

- I lost some weight
- Played an entire summer of baseball injury free
- Fell in love with Crossfit
- found a healthy balance with my eating habits (HUGE!)

I'm heading out on a much needed vacation in a few days for 10 glorious days in the sun.

When I come back? That's when I'm going to get serious about this shit we're calling 2014.


Natasha H said...

2013 Wasn't stellar for me either but not horrible so I guess I can't or at least shouldn't complain! Have a great vacation!!

Teresa said...

Have a great vacation. Hope your 2014 is all that you want.

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