Thursday, May 1, 2014

One of those posts...

I should be doing a check in, where I say something like:

"Oh my god guys, I've lost 48 pounds in 3 weeks doing T25"

But instead, here's what I have to offer:

"It's Thursday, and this was my first workout since last Sunday."

Why might that be? Yep - my stupid shoulder. I was doing something totally badass when it popped out this time: GETTING DRESSED.

It's now being held together with tape.

Good news: I did a workout tonight, and despite having really crappy range of motion and having to modify, it felt SOOOO good to get a sweat on!

Bad news: This week has been a nutritional gong show.

The ok news: nutritional gong show dons't really mean what it used to mean - so my new version of gong show means 1 girl guide cookie, a bowl of raisin bran, and Thai food out with colleagues. Not the end of the world.

I've got a long road ahead of me with recovery after surgery, so I just need to buck up and realize that eating my feelings is not going to help my shoulder. I also need to realize that walking is going to be the only form of exercise I'll be able to do so I best embrace it.


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Kataroo said...

So not even a GONG show :) I will show you a gong show wink wink :) So sorry about your shoulder :( Your surgery is soon? you amaze me with how you modify and still get your sweat on. Hang in there....or tape in there :)

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